Monthly Archive: June 2015

Jun 20

Financial Planning for doctors.     Partha Sarthi talks about MFs as an instrument for doctors to expand their clinic -18th June, 2015 Listen to the discussion on how doctors can avoid paying lump sum tax by saving small amounts on a regular basis and MFs as a source and an instrument for doctors to expand their clinic, …

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Jun 15

(No title)

I am 50 and work in a private company. My wife is a home-maker. Our daughter and son are in class nine and UKG. I have a family health floater for ?1 lakh and endowment for ?6 lakh and invest ?1 lakh each in VPF and PPF. AG Desai   Though you have pursued a …

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Jun 08

Meeting retirements needs with rental.

June 7, 2015:   I am 58,and a chartered accountant. My wife, 55, is employed. We have a son settled abroad. I may work for a few more years and my wife will work until 60. Post retirement, our monthly rental income will be ?1.25 lakh. Are our savings enough to sustain us till 85? …

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Jun 01

Business man needs to draw line between Business and family.

  I am 42 and run my own steel business. My wife, 38, is a home maker. We have two daughters (12 and 10). Of late, the receivable from my debtors has increased. I have exhausted all cash savings to run the business and need to save for my children’s education. I have a liability …

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