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May 06

Your Financial Plan – Retirement

I am retiring this month. My wife 56, currently employed, is eligible for pension. She will quit her job after June. My son is 26. I own a house and need to support my parents as well. How should I deploy my retirement fund? I wish to leave good assets to my son. I have …

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May 01

Here’s how you can switch or exit MF schemes after change in SEBI norms

Capital market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has defined various categories of open-ended mutual funds, with clear and distinct scheme characteristics for equity, debt, hybrid, solution-oriented, and ‘other scheme’ categories. There will be one scheme per category per fund house. This means just a different fancy name will no longer be a …

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Apr 22

Your Financial Plan

I am 41, working in a chemical company and my wife is a home maker. My daughter is six years and my parents are my dependents. I work in North India and my family lives in Erode. I plan to start plastic business in my native town. Do let me know how to plan for …

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Apr 08

Commodity trading is not everybody’s cup of tea

I am 38 working, in a college, and my wife (33) is a school teacher. We have a six-month-old daughter. I live in Madurai and my parents live in our ancestral village. I have sold all my savings to close my business loan. My wife’s salary may increase by ₹10,000 in her new school job. Do …

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Mar 26

Inflation may be the dampener in your life style

I am 53. I have taken VRS. My wife is also voluntarily retiring in June 2018. We have a daughter. We have made provisions for her marriage. We live in our own house in Kerala. I wish to maintain the same life style and live comfortably till our life expectancy. Do let me know how …

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Feb 05

Financial constraints will disturb business and family life.

          I am 36 and my wife is 34, we are both employed with a private company. I have a son (eight years) and a daughter (six). I wish to start an automobile design company with capital of ₹60 lakh in 2021. How should I fine-tune my investments to ensure that my …

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Jan 01

Golden way to beat inflation

      December 31, 2017:   I am 63, retired. My wife is 56. I was under the impression that I could live comfortably with my pension. But it has become a challenge over the last five years. Although I live in a tier-II city, my monthly expenses are rising because I travel frequently to …

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Dec 27

Tips to build your Wealth for early retirement

  I am 34, working abroad in an engineering company. My wife (32) and daughter (4) live in India. My parents are farmers and are financially dependent on me. After 10 years, I will return to India. I have invested only in fixed deposits. How can I reach my goals? Parameswaran.       How …

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Dec 19

Effective Strategy To Expand Your Business

      I am 34, and a single parent. I run a beauty parlour. My daughter is five years old. My parents support me and I live with them. They are financially independent. I wish to give my daughter a sound education. I also want to expand my business. Please tell me how to …

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Dec 14

How Should I Invest MY Retirement Proceeds .

    I am 55, I have taken VRS from government service. My wife is a home-maker. My son, 23, works in a private company. His aspiration is to enter the cine field. I am planning to start automobile spare parts manufacturing with my friend. I have no experience in the field. Is it a …

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