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May 16

Personal finance lessons for Flipkart millionaires

    Here’s how Flipkart employees’ ESOPs will be taxed Big Change: The end of Five-Year Plans: All you need to know Personal finance lessons for Flipkart millionaires Walmart’s acquisition of Flipkart has generated one of the largest pools of wealth for employees in India’s corporate history. Employee stock option plans (Esops) held by about …

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Apr 21

Why You Should Hire a Financial Planner, Even if You’re Not Rich

If the very idea of financial planning makes you break out in hives, you’re not alone. A new study found that perceived financial well-being — feeling secure about not only the state of your current situation but how well you’ve planned for the future — holds the key to your overall well-being. Your financial security can affect …

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Nov 14

Rs 1000 in 1999 is worth of ……………

There are two set of investors in the equity markets,The first category of investors buy and sell their equities after they reach a target and the second set of investors  are buy- and hold-ers they hold stocks forever with an impression that  stocks only will grow manifold over the years and no need to monitor. …

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Oct 02

Average expenditure on pension stands at 3.3% of GDP

On the day the Rs. 1,000/month minimum pension scheme was launched in India, an ILO policy paper report said that close to half (48 per cent) the people over pensionable age in the world do not receive pension. And those who do receive it do not receive an adequate amount to cover for their health and old …

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Sep 16

Two out of every three Indians are either financially struggling or suffering.

According to the Gallup-Healthways Global Well-Being Index, released on Tuesday, only about one-fifth of Indians, or 21 per cent, were financially thriving while 49 per cent were struggling and 30 per cent suffering. The Well-Being Index is a barometer of individual perceptions of well-being, based on data collected last year across 135 countries, with more …

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