Nov 08

Every country is investing in India to make money. Shouldn’t you?



Why do we have brakes in a car? To stop! To reduce speed. To avoid hitting another vehicle or a person.

How about “to drive faster”?

If you think about it, it makes sense.  Knowing that you have good brakes gives you the courage to speed, to go quickly to your destination.

The automobile analogy works well in investment, too.  All investments have an element of volatility. Think of volatility as the brake in creating wealth. In an ECG, the lines go up and down, like in a stock market. If the ECG line were a straight line, that’s danger!

But when comes to investment we are all get worried about this up and down movement and want less volatity. In fact, volatility helps the system adjust and correct itself. It also gives you a chance to invest if you had missed an opportunity. Look at this table:




The chart shows that on Oct 24, 2008 the Sensex was 8701. Today, it is 27,500. In the last 10 years, the market corrected itself several times but every time, it bounced back strongly.

If you believe that India will grow in the next five years, you can use it create wealth for yourself. The whole world is looking to India to make money. Shouldn’t you?

Let me show you how to get rich. For a fee, we will offer you rich and unbiased advice. We are also available to act as a Chief Finance Officer to manage your wealth.

Suresh Parthasarathy.


Registered Investment advisor( SEBI)



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