Aug 24

Markets are down, what i have to do.

Dear Friends,


Global markets are panic. Indian markets too down but there is no panic here.


Currencies across the world are falling,but Indian currency have shown its resilient.




Because only market in the world growing at 7 per cent is India.With commodities are down our currency reserves are at 14 months.


India being depend on crude and commodities any correction it will add to its strength.


Is it means there will no pain in Indian market?


It is not so.Assume there is a fire at your neighbourhood, you will have pain till its burning. But the impact on you will not be the same as your neighbour if you have taken few preventive steps once you know there is a fire.


What it means to investors?


Those followed the asset allocation diligently and invested for goals based on risk appetite( read as preventive steps),it is another day for them to understand that anything goes up without fundamental it will see the correction.


Since you have done your basic with the support of Myassetsconsolidation.com,look at your portfolio today,note down your portfolio return and compare it after the dust settled.



So, my advise is that stay invested on tough time it will help you to achieve good return.


One final say for those tempted to buy stocks.


Because some of the stocks are down you may be tempted to buy it.


Follow the basics


Stay away from the stocks where FII stakes are high.


Stay away from the company that does not have corporate governance.


Keep away from the stocks where the guidance is too poor.


Finally keep your greed away while investing.



Let me have your comments!



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