Nov 14

The magic tool to reach financial goals is SIP.

The markets are going through highs and lows. It has happened before, and it will continue to happen in the future. There is no point waiting for market nor most auspicious time to invest. Both will not determine your success….

If you have financial goals and potential to invest, you need to build wealth. The magical way to do is Systematic investment plan SIP. Now SIP is more uttered word in the financial market then the mutual fund.

Without worrying start investing.Why SIP will even out the market volatility due to its ability to cost average. Assume you buy at 10 NAV (net asset value)this month and next month its 12 and subsequent month at 11,the average works out to 11.This will help you to buy more units when market is down and lesser units when market is peak.

Example: Say you had started investing Rs. 10000 every month in a large cap fund in 2007. At the end of 10 years, your accumulated value is Rs. 29.04lakh.But your actual investment is Rs 12.10 lakh and it translate to 16.5 per cent.

However, if you had increased your SIP amount by just Rs. 1,000 every year from the second year onward, you would have earned Rs. 38.8lakh in the same time period!Your investment value was Rs 17.4 lakh ,So, the incremental investment is Rs5 .3 lakh. A Rs. 1,000 increment makes all the difference between Rs. 29.04 and Rs. 38.8 lakh a growth of about 33.75%.

To further give you more interesting numbers to make you crorepathi, if you would have invested just Rs 2000 from Nov 1995 to till date for 22 years in a popular fund ,your actual investment is Rs 5.28 lakh but today the accumulated value is Rs 1.24 crore.With small investment and disciplined investment to become crorepathi is just as simple as that.

Make the smart decision now start a SIP. If you have dream/aspiration to meet the children education,marriage,vacation plan and to have peaceful retired life today is the most good day to start.So start early and invest regularly.


Few examples of actual performance.

Best Large Cap Fund:

Scheme Name 1 year Return 3 year Return 5 year Return Amount Invested  Invested Amount Worth (2013-17)
Scheme – 1 20% 18% 21% 2,50,000.00 3,30,506
Scheme – 2 10% 13% 21% 2,50,000.00 3,40,462
Scheme -3 23% 17% 21% 2,50,000.00 3,58,993
Scheme – 4 20% 19% 20% 2,50,000.00  3,59,446
Scheme -5 15% 15% 19% 2,50,000.00 3,64,829


Best Diversified Fund:


Scheme Name 1 year Return 3 year Return 5 year Return Amount Invested  Invested Amount Worth (2013-17)
Scheme – 1 10% 13% 19% 2,50,000.00  3,61,873
Scheme – 2 15% 15% 20% 2,50,000.00 3,61,921
Scheme -3 20% 18% 21% 2,50,000.00 3,95,487
Scheme -4 23% 17% 21% 2,50,000.00 4,03,342
Scheme -5 20% 19% 20% 2,50,000.00 4,05,411










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