Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Services

It is a strategy predominantly used to take exposure in a focused stock to build a portfolio. Such a focused approach will generate superior returns and it is suitable for investors willing to construct a aggressive portfolio.

Although such a portfolio will exhibit short term volatility, but it will reward investors over 5-7 year period.

How it differs from Mutual Fund.

A mutual fund is a pool of money from numerous investors who wish to save or make money just like you. Investing in a mutual fund can be a lot easier than buying and selling individual stocks and bonds on your own. Investors can sell their shares when they want.

Whereas in PMS each set of client will have different portfolio although there will be a overlap, but since it is individual account due to selling of a set of investors will not affect the performance of others in the strategy.

What different we do in PMS to increase your return.

In PMS very few in India move the money between equity and Liquid fund.We are specialised in the concept and it help us to add atleast few percentage points Alpha more than the fund manager.

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